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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sing Songs of Hope: Chants de Louange, Chants d'adoration; Haitians Rehearse and Praise During Reconstruction

If you want to listen to these songs, please click on this link. Please be warned that these hymns were sung only for rehearsal purposes during an evening of praise and worship. The final versions of these songs will come later.

Here is a list of the songs you will listen to:

Entre Tes Mains, J'abandonne (In your hands, I abandon all that is mine...)

A Toi La Gloire (To You Be the Glory)

A Dieu Soit La Gloire (To God be the Glory)

Debout Sainte Cohorte (Stand Up, holy Army)

Ne Crains Rien, Je t'aime (Fear Nothing, I love You)

Je ne sais pas le jour or Je Verrai Mon Dieu (I do not know the day when I will see my God)

Tenons nos lampes pretes (Let's keep our lamp ready..)

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