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Tuesday, August 7, 2012 Presents The A Cappella Versions of the Favorite Chants D'Esperance (Songs of Hope)

For most of us, Haitians, singing is a personal thing. We like singing and praising. We like using our talents to give praise to the Lord. falls in this category of sites that aggregate readily available tools to let others enjoy Creole and Creole songs.

Let's Give Praise to our Savior and Lord with our voice and all we have left!!!!!!!

After the quake, Haitians may not have much left in terms of personal possessions, but they have hope. They still have their voices to praise! That is how was born. It aims at presenting the personal songs that have encouraged us and kept us walking, moving forward despite the natural disasters and personal problems. As Christians (Haiti is predominantly catholic and has a large group of protestants, evangelical Christians), we will not lose the faith because of material possessions we may not have.

Our songs of hope will carry us forward, where the rewards will multiply!

Chantons tous! Nou tout, ann chante! Ann bay glwa a Bondye!

Get the Free and paid Audio versions right here on - Listen to Songs of Hope!. Any proceeds we receive will go towards the building of one house in Haiti!

This painting represents our building sign!

Help Us Build a Home: Ede Nou Bati Yon Kay!:

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