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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What's your favorite Chant's D'Esperance song? Tell us in the comment area!

If you know where you can buy some copies of this hymn book in the States, let us know. We have ordered some from La Presse Evangelique to share with some of our friends here. Haitians may lose most material possessions, but they will continue to rejoice and sing songs found in their chants d'esperance.

Here are a few favorites of mine: (I remember some of the lyrics, but not the titles)

Non, jamais tout seul (bis)

Moun ki Mete nan Jezu yon Konfyans ki san mezu

Yo kapab pa janm tonbe, delivrans yo asure...

Dis tout a Jesus.....

Quand le vol de la tempete,

Dis Tout a Jesus

J'ai Soif de ta presence

A Toi La Gloire

Mouin Pito Gen Jezu...

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