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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Listen to a Haitian Story, a Haitian Tale from "Godfather's Mercy - Parenn Pran Pitye!"

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Learn French, English, and Haitian Creole with this new booklet. Read the story of Tijan and his godfather, Mr. Bonifas!

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This is only an excerpt of the ebook, "Godfather's Mercy: Pitye, Parenn or Parenn Pran Pitye..."

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Translation :

Poukisa Tijan P-al Lekòl –
Why Tijan Does Not Go To School
The Godfather’s Mercy – Parenn Pran Pitye

Once upon a time a little boy named Tijan decided to learn how to read and write. Tijan was born in a little village located next to Léogâne, Haiti, on top of a huge mountain called Katwen. He is Mrs. Altidor’s second child. He has an older sister who is living with her father’s relatives. Tijan’s older sister’s name is Marijo. Tijan does not have the same father as Marijo. In fact, he does not know his father. Marijo’s father has sent her to school. Tijan does not have a parent who can send him to school.

Every year, he gets very sad when he sees his older sister’s new uniform, shoes, socks, books and other supplies. Tijan would like to learn how to read and write too but his father did not recognize him.

Mrs. Altidor can not help Tijan find his father. She does not know the identity of her son’s father. Mrs. Altidor does not remember anything at all because she is always drunk. She enjoys drinking Tafia (a strong alcoholic beverage in Haiti), alcohol, and smoking cigarettes. When she earns any money, she wastes it in beverages, junk food, and fried goodies. That is why Marijo’s father had taken her away from her.

Tijan is ten years old now. His friends have started to tease him and to call him names such as “idiot, dumb beast, animal.” They thought he was imbecile. However, he knows he is not dumb. He has a plan. “If only the plan can work, I will be able to show everybody that I am an intelligent guy.”

That is how Tijan decided to walk to the residence of his godfather who was living in the city of Léogâne. His godfather had a lot of contacts in town. He has sent all of his children to school. Mr. Bonifas took pity of Tijan who broke out crying and complaining.

“It looks like you are moving away, Tijan!” remarked Mr. Bonifas as he spotted him. “Where is your mother? Why did she not come with you?”
“Godfather, I want to live with you. I can not take it any longer up in the mountain,” Tijan replied. “Manman-m, my mother does not want to do anything for me. All the money she earns goes to her alcohol. I am ten years old. I do not know how to read and write.”
Surprised, Mr. Bonifas asked, “Your mother has not sent you to school?”
“No. She is drunk all the time. She does not have a dry day. She has no time to think about such things.”
“Your mother has never told you about your father.”
“No. Do you know my father? You know I am fatherless. Marijo has a father. She is living at her grandparents’ home.”
Mr. Bonifas looked at his eyes. He did not utter a word. Neither did he try to answer his question or reveal his father’s identity.
“What were you doing during all these years?”
“Every year I thought my mother was going to send me to school. But she never had time to do that.”
Mr. Bonifas became meditative. He was taken aback by his godson’s declarations. He thought Tijan had the same providing father as his older sister, Marijo.
“Alcohol is a bad thing. It is a vice. The woman neglected her responsibility because of tafia. That is what is destroying the country.”

Mr. Bonifas opened the back door of the store. He took the little box of clothes and sandals that Tijan had carried. That was all his possession. He placed it in a room behind the counter. He said, “Welcome home! Welcome to my home! I am going to do all I can do for you. I am going to raise you just like my ten sons and daughters.”
“Am I going to become your 11th child?”
“Yes. You are my godson, Tijan. The only thing I ask is to work hard at the store and at school.”

Mr. Bonifas telephoned his wife to announce the news of Tijan’s arrival.
“Darling, I have news for you. Do you remember my godson who lives on top of the mountain of Léogâne?”
“Hello darling. Yes, I do. The mountain people who know have told me that she has no more strength to walk down to trade around here. She drinks too much tafia.”
“Aha! You know her very well.”
“She is a drunkard. She has other vices too. She smokes. No men want to stay with her too long. Did they ever find out who the father of her son is?”
“Cheri, darling. I can not answer this question.”
“Why not, honey?”

This is only an excerpt of the ebook, "Godfather's Mercy: Pitye, Parenn or Parenn Pran Pitye..."

Get the whole story right here:

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Now you can also purchase this book at Kindle Amazon or AmazonKindle

Saturday, July 16, 2011

No. 20 Kreyol Chandesperans

No. 20 Kreyol Chandesperans
1. Gnou jou ma suspann chante-m yo (Some day, I will stop singing)
Voua-m a rete san-l pa chante (My voice will stay without singing)
Min ak sin ki nan la gloua yo (however, with the glorified saints,)
Nan-m mouin va kontan pou-l mele (My soul will be happy to mingle)

Ma va ouè li minm jan li ye (I will see Him, the way he is)
Jezu, Redanmtè, fils Bon-Dieu (Jesus, Redeemer, God’s son)

2. Gnou jou fòk kan minm mouin kite
Abitasyon-m sou la tè a
Min pòt abitasyon Bon-Dieu
Va louvri pou mouin jou sa a

3.Gnou jou fè noua va kouvri mouin
Solèy va kouche pou toujou
Min anro Jezu va pran mouin
Pap janm fè noua, min tout tan jou

4. Fò-l vini, jou la gloua sa-a
Se li ki asurans kè mouin
Segnè, kinbe-m pare pou sa
Nan ou m-mete tout konfians mouin